FSX - HiFi Flightware - Active Sky X

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Added June 9 2007
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- Completely new Design

- Made for FSX using the new SimConnect API

- Graphical Mapping and Wx Visualization System

- XGauge FSX-internal ASX wx imagery and information display gauge

- Hurricane Simulation based on actual live data

- Advanced custom weather configuration

- Online or offline modes with online historical playback feature

- FSX-integrated vertical air, turbulence and dynamic wx changes

- New server system with enhanced coverage and performance

- Hi-fidelity wake turbulence simulation with multiple dynamic wake trails

- Enhanced weather depiction logic

- Supports advanced integration with X Graphics

- Enhanced route wx briefing with visual mapping

- Voice weather reports with realistic audio panel and power awareness

- Manual weather file download and save features


All credit goes to Sangeki who released this add-on, together with Graphics X, one day after it was released on usenet. He requested not to share the serials he provided anywhere else but usenet and WoZ. N537JB, or whatever his name is, already shared those serials here, claimed credit for the release, and announced he would post Active Sky X as well. So, here it is, giving ALL credit to Sangeki. Sangeki, if you read this, sorry to see your serials shared here against your will, but at least this way you'll get credit for your amazing releases!
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