EmulatorPack -21in1(AIO)+50 Sega Games+855Nes rar

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Added July 16 2008
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Size188.32 MB
188.13 MB EmulatorPack -21in1(AIO)+50_Sega_Games+855Nes.rar
More Roms! A huge pack of over 800 games (roms) for SNES aka Super Nintendo and a Super Nintendo emulator to go with it with extras. All details, instructions, game list, cheat codes, game genie and others are all included. SNES is still hot I don't care what douchebag tells you different they don't know shit. I used to get fucking wasted and play SNES all the time it was fucking great, between Nintendo and Super Nintendo it kept me entertained when I was tripping or on some crazy shit. Good video games + good music in the background = good time.Nintendo (NES - Nintendo Entertainment System) is and was my favorite game console ever. It takes me back to my childhood where I'd play and watch ill games being played. My favorite games were Legend Of Zelda, Zelda Link To The Past, Super Mario 3, Contra, Arkanoid, Metal Gear, and many others that I can't remember right now. I still have my Nintendo system hooked up in my room with Game Genie for cheats and a bigass super controller, I'm a old school head at heart I guess. I have about well over 100 games in my collection... but not anymore now that I got this download.

Now I'm able to play all my favorites plus a shitload more and hard to find games in this 855 Nintendo game pack I found. All your favorites and more in this download that you can play on your computer with an emulator. So either download the Ultimate Emulator Pack or find an NES emulator of your choice and get to playing. This is a truly hot post for all my video game heads and Nintendo lovers.
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