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Silent Bomber is an arcade style action video game for the Sony PlayStation, and the second game developed by CyberConnect2. Silent Bomber is based on the classic top down shoot 'em up genre but with a twist, instead of shooting the enemy the player blows them up using bombs. The game was heralded as one of the fewer original games for the Playstation according to IGN. It was released on the 30th April 1999.

The player takes control of the protagonist, Jutah, whose mission is to attack and destroy the facilities and defenses of the colossal space dreadnought Dante. The player can either plant bombs simply where they stand, or by launching them using the lock-on reticle. Bombs that are launched at enemies also attach to their target. Bombs can then be detonated at any time at the player's discretion. This introduces the chaining element of gameplay, where the number of enemies destroyed simultaneously awards more points. Bombs can also be "stacked", a larger number of bombs in the same place is more destructive. Jutah can only set a limited number of bombs at any one time, the set bombs must be detonated before more bombs can be set.

Jutah also has access to material liquids, these are enhanced bombs with special effects. Napalm continues to burn after it is detonated damaging enemies within the flames, it is also more effective against biological enemies. Gravity forms a miniature black hole sucking in nearby enemies. Paralysis temporarily disables electrical devices, it also does extra damage to mechanical enemies. Material liquids can also be stacked and chained with standard bombs.

Jutah can upgrade the number of bombs he can plant before needing to detonate them, the range of his bomb-planting hologram and his resistance to enemy attack by using E-Chips hidden through-out the levels. Jutah's E-Chips can be configured at any time to adapt his skills to different situations.

In keeping with arcade style tradition, many levels end with a powerful boss that Jutah must destroy or repel to move on through the game's 14 levels.

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Name: PSXPSP Silent Bomber [ENG][]

  Language.......: English,

  Release date....: 2008.09.04    Store Date.....: Who knows?

  System..........: PSXTOPSP        Filename.......: [2]N.rar

  Size............: 1 x 197mb

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