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Added December 14 2007
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In an endless sea of stars at the edge of the universe, a single fateful encounter is about to take place. For the gods have set forth on a quest to destroy the universe. And a deadly meteorite, which they hurled into the vastness of space, has collided with an unsuspecting planet, Expel- putting the wheels of fate into motion. Now, two people are about to cross paths, and their meeting will force them to endure both the gods and their devilish advisors.

It's been over four centuries since 12 heroes saved the universe from evil in Star Ocean The Second Story.

The Galaxy Federation lives in splendor and has obtained incomparable power across the known universe. It has finished probing into one-third of the entire Galaxy and continues extensive research activities to build ever more power.

Fate Linegod, from Earth, journeys with his family and friend, Sofia Esteed to a protected planet under the control of the Galaxy Federation. Before long, the planet is attacked by unknown alien troops, and much of the planet, including both cities and countryside are destroyed.

Fate, his family and Sofia flee to refugee facilities with other travelers; however, the group comes under another attack by unknown enemies before reaching a safe haven. Fate finally arrives at the shelter, but his parents have been lost…

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