Spiderman Friend Or Foe(Wii) PAL (ENGLISH)WILL1529

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Added October 20 2007
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Size4.38 GB
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4.38 GB Spiderman FOF English.iso
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Games : Wii : Full Game : English
Console: Wii

Language ENGLISH

Region: PAL

File Format: ISO Image

Size: 4.38 GB

Choose a Sidekick from your Allies: Pick from a long list of Spider-Man's allies like Blade, Ironfist and Prowler, and swap between sidekicks at any time. Spider-Man and any chosen sidekick can unleashe lethal combos against opponents.
Fight against Movie Villains, then Alongside Them: Face off against infamous movie villains using an innovative combat system. Combat Doc Ock in his lab, Sandman in a construction site, and Green Goblin on the rooftop of Oscorp. Then turn bad guys into good. Once defeated, they become your sidekicks.
Team Up in Two-Player Co-Op: Share the fun with a friend or sibling! One of you plays Spider-Man and the other controls one of Spider-Man's powerful sidekicks. Team up to accomplish more powerful moves that will blow away the villains.
Enjoy Details inspired by the Spider-Man Movies: Movie villains are just the beginning. You also get to experience costumes, battle scenes and spoofed scenes, all inspired by the first three Spider-Man films.
Come Back for More, Again and Again: Replay each chapter with a different sidekick and eventually with Black-Suited Spider-Man. Unlock additional characters such as New Goblin and Silver Sable. Fight in diverse worlds, from an island jungle and a New York training ground to Transylvania and Nepal.

Right click Image and open with Nero set to 4x speed and burn on to DVD-R or DVD+R

Image: 1x Disc cover provided

Info: This Backup is for (PAL) Wii only not NTSC.Works 100% with WIIKEY CHIP.....................................................................................................ENJOY

Any questions are welcome or just leave a comment, let me know how the download went.
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