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Konami's PES 2014 soccer simulator brings with it a new graphics engine, revised physics and animations, improved game structure and more responsive goalkeepers. Above all, however, is the exceptional stadium atmosphere.
New graphics engine and fantastic atmosphere
The Konami soccer sim has a new graphics engine, Fluidity, which provides impressive detail, especially for player close-ups. Faces in PES 2014 are more refined and realistic and player animations are more extensive, although sometimes movements appear slow and clumsy.

Especially convincing are the sound effects. In PES 2014, the atmosphere in the stadium is warm and the audience's role is crucial: they can cheer on your team or shout at rivals, with the controller vibrating at every chance at goal and the crowd ramping up support in the most intense moments of the match.

During our hands-on with PES 2014, for example, we found ourselves down 0-1 at the 89-minute mark. The crowd support was stronger than ever after a shot that was deflected by the rival goalkeeper. On the corner and now in stoppage time at the end of the match, the intensity and strength of the public increased immensely, literally pushing the team in search of a goal in the last moments of the game. Fantastic!

Both the spectators as well as the game itself (for example, a goal just made or missed) affect the morale of the players. The psychologically stronger can take PES 2014's pressure, while those more vulnerable may be affected and perform poorly.
Better ball control and more team play
The gameplay has been improved on PES 2013. The most significant innovation is the introduction of TrueBall Tech, thanks to which you can now control the ball using the analog stick, also allowing you to stop the ball better (physics have been improved significantly) and making run up touches on the ball easier.

Forming attacks is very accurate, the opening of the game is excellent (and often rewarding), and full-backs are better able to follow the development of the action. The general sense is that PES 2014 is much more focused on team play than in the past.

The new animations in PES 2014 enhance realism, but some movements appear cumbersome and sometimes end abruptly. The speed of the game, as well as the pace of the action, appeared a bit slow during our first hands-on.

Tactical planning impeccable, physics and contrasts improved
The tactical and strategic capabilities, always one of the strengths of PES, has been further refined in PES 2014. There are 11 tactics by default, but the excellent editor allows you to easily modify them if needed.

Other than the ability to set preset and custom game strategies, the new Pro Evolution Soccer also introduces Team Play, which allows you to perform concrete strategic moves with players in specific areas of the field.

The new Collision System in PES 2014, called Motion Animation Stability System, makes the clashes more realistic and credible. Collisions are influenced by both the dynamics of the game and the physical strength of and ability to control the players involved. The physics of the ball's movement, lacking a little in past releases, appears convincing.

PES 2014 will increase the number of players with support for Player ID, which ensures greater similarity between real players and their virtual counterparts, and not just a graphic resemblance, but also in their movements, behavior and style of play.

For those who simply prefer to wear the coach's hat, you can activate PES 2014's Coach Mode, which leaves the artificial intelligence of the players in control of gameplay while you watch the game and decide tactics, strategy and replacements.

PES 2014 maintains official licenses for the most important competitions: UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup, Copa Libertadores and this year, the Asian Champions League. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 also brings back championship mode, inexplicably absent in PES 2013.

On the field, team work in PES 2014 is now being rewarded. TrueBall increases the ability to manage the ball, and the psychological aspects of the game have a real effect on player performance. PES 2014's goalkeepers were impressive and were able to perform truly spectacular maneuvers, even if the results weren't always perfect. The pace of the game, however, appears to be slow and sometimes static, while the referees often seem rigid in their decisions.
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