Xpand Rally Xtreme full english edition from badboy

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Added August 30 2007
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Xtreme sequel of Xpand Rally features: new car groups, extreme rally tracks, expanded economical-tuning plot, additional game modes and realism of driving known from original Xpand Rally. This time players will compete for the champion title on picturesque special stages and tracks in China, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Ireland and Poland. Xpand Rally Xtreme has all the best elements of first part in an Xtreme release.

All players looking for real-life car racing emotions are sure to be satisfied, while inexperienced gamers whose contact with the racing genre was limited to street racers will be able to broaden their perspective with this new, extremely dynamic title.

Increasing the dynamics of the gameplay does not mean that the game will be harder then its predecessor. The developers were not trying to make the game more sim-like, so XRX will stay true to its predecessor├?┬ó??s high replay value. XRX is still addressed to the same group of gamers. Especially the arcade mode will stay true to the original, with the only exception that this time around player├?┬ó??s will have to operate the gas pedal a bit more carefully. The simulation mode in turn will be a completely new experience, with the word Extreme really changing everything.

Xpand Rally Xtreme boasts a wide array of 15 cars in 23 versions, including 8 completely new models, 5 sceneries (China, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, USA) and 67 individual races.

The game has 3 modes of play: Career mode, Single Race and Multiplayer. The career mode require players to advance into ever more tough races in order to grab the best driver title. You won├?┬ó??t be able to achieve that without constantly upgrading your car and buying new vehicles. New features of the career mode include parallel races on the super special segments and a Free Style race against demanding AI controlled opponents. Players will get to drive around in rally cars, huge 4x4 off-roaders and ├?┬ó?? surprise ├?┬ó?? exotic sports cars for classic, flat-track races.

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