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Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent

Download Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent from this page.
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Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent details
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Added: 22 Sep 2011  
Seeds: 3
Peers: 2
Size: 292.65 MB
Hash: 2143f1275eeec47fd67fee692688a080edd65027
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Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent description

This is a re-upload of KIpp0's Uplink Collection (Kipp0 of demonoid)
The info of the torrent is as follows:

I have received some requests to just have the torrent not in .rar format, so that people can pick and chose what to download.

I am deleting my old torrent and creating this one at that request - I'm all for transparency - I apologize if this re-uploading is annoying seeders, I promise it's the last time :p

This collection took me a long time to acquire, I hope you like it :)
Here we go...

Uplink Kipp0's Collection

This is the most comprehensive Uplink Collection on the internet

1. Uplink:Hacker Elite (Full PC/Linux Game) + Keygen (or you can use the .jpg to match up the CD key code ^^)
2. Uplink Bonus CD
3. Uplink Developer CD
4. The entire Uplink Soundtrack - IN BOTH MP3 AND ORIGINAL FORMATS!

5. Hacker's Manifesto (A MUST READ!!!)

6. Latest Game Patches 1.55 (Officual) AND the IMPROVED 1.60 (Unoffical, fan-based)
8. Tools for Decrypting the dreaded Gamebible Book 2 (This is legal)
*Note: The tools are pretty much part of the game, therefore they comply with the Demonoid policy. They can only be used ON GAME FILES. Do not attempt to modify these tools please
9. Themes for Uplink

Non-Uplink Tools I've included for your benefit:
10. PowerISO 4.8 + Serial

FIND COOL UPLINK MODS @ http://modlink.net/mods.php

You can also check out other fansites (for mods and stuff):


1. Use PowerISO to mount OR EXTRACT "Uplink.bin"
*You may have to go into your PowerISO "options"
to set .bin as a "File Association"

2. Run "Setup.exe" (located within the "install" folder)

3. Patch the game (Recommended) to the latest version

4. Launch Game

5. Give your new agent a username/password/gateway location

6. It will give you a letter & number like "W" & "13"

7. Run KeyGenerator.exe (you'll notice it's REALLY SMALL, which is a good sign)

8. Input the letter & number uplink gives you
*Make sure its the letter/number combo next to the textbox (in the game)

9. Play the game. Perhaps you'd like a theme?
Check out the extras folder!

-Slaxor for the original gamefiles
-Carobeppe for the extremely small & clean keygen
-Antilag for the "Uplink Ultimate Collection" pack

View Antilag.nfo (use notepad) for more information

-Carver for their customized version of "redshirt"
-The non-douchebagish members of the Uplink Forums (very few of those!)
-An unknown coder for the "Uplink Gamebible Book 2 Decrypter.exe"

You will forever be in our hearts
-Lastly, ME! =p

I'd like to thank all the contributors for making this possible.

I'd also like to thank you for downloading (and seeding *nudge nudge*)

Please keep this torrent alive by seeding, so that others may enjoy it

Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent internal files
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Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Uplink Kipp0's Collection (Game+Bon torrent comments
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