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Champions of Norrath [PS2 NTSC DVD5 x2] torrent

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Champions of Norrath [PS2 NTSC DVD5 x2] torrent description

NOTE:  NOT DVD9, original has been converted into 2 DVD5s (#).

Also, has been tested and working on Modchip and Swap Magic.

Release Date: February 10, 2004
Genre: Action Role Playing Game (RPG)
Platform: PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system
Rating: Teen
Developer: Snowblind Studios
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Game Description

Published by the creators of EverQuest® and developed by the team behind Baldur's Gate™: Dark Alliance™, Champions of Norrath™ is an Action RPG like none other on the PlayStation 2. Create your own champion, each with unique powers, appearances and skills. Experience an epic adventure filled with powerful action and ominous intrigue. Battle vicious monsters where your mastery of weaponry and spells is the only thing between you and supreme evil.

Champions of Norrath allows gamers to create their own unique hero to journey from the city of Faydwer into the wilds of Norrath to save the land from a gathering army of evil orcs and goblins. Players can adventure alone or with a band of up to three other players either over the Internet(##) or on a single PlayStation 2 with a Multitap. Import player characters into friends' games using a memory card and then take them home to play solo-the play options offer console gamers the freedom to play anytime and from any location. Champions of Norrath offers players more than 100 hours of gameplay per player character, unlimited battles, deadly missions and unmatched character customization in an enthralling fantasy world.


* Engrossing fantasy storyline set several hundred years before the current EverQuest PC game-players do not need to be familiar with EQ lore to enjoy the game
* Five playable characters (both male and female): select from Barbarian Warrior, Dark Elf Shadow Knight, High Elf cleric, Erudite Wizard, Wood Elf Ranger
* Thousands of items and magical artifacts to acquire
* Create unique magic items by combining magical items with weapons and armor
* Randomly generated dungeons and monsters mean a different experience every time you play
* Unmatched character customization with modifiable hair, skin, tattoos and facial hair, hundreds of armor variations and thousands of distinctive weapons, including swords, maces, axes, bows and more
* 50 levels with non-linear side quests
* Four player multiplayer on a single PlayStation 2 with a Multitap
* (##) Superior online multiplayer options for up to four players via the Network Adaptor for the PlayStation 2 - no additional subscription fees required (players must provide their own Internet connection for online gameplay)
* Fully interactive 3D environments that push the PlayStation capabilities with stunning lighting and visual effects; capable of handling 30 to 40 characters on screen at once in spectacular battles

(#) Only Disc 1 is required to begin play. Midway through the game, you will be required to swap to Disc 2.

Upon killing Lord Vanarhost, there should be a save point in the area. After saving there, turn off the game and boot with Disc 2. It continues right where you left off and at this point, you're required to rescue a NPC named Babik. After safely taking him back to town, follow the road to the ship where a couple of cut scenes will play and you'll be in Act III. The rest of the game will be played using Disc 2. (Don't worry, it'll make sense when you get there :P)

(##) Due to having the DNAS un-patched, your own ID will be required to play online.
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