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The_Settlers_7-Razor1911-Update & Crack *REPACK* torrent

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The_Settlers_7-Razor1911-Update & Crack *REPACK* torrent details
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Added: 27 Apr 2010  
Seeds: 161
Peers: 8
Size: 393.65 MB
Hash: 3c86da987732fe46887c0137a2b419fbb17b397a
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The_Settlers_7-Razor1911-Update & Crack *REPACK* torrent description

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                      ▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▀                   1 9 1 1        

│                         Razor 1911 proudly presents:                       │
│                      The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom                    │
│                                  (C) Ubisoft                               │
│ Date: 2010-04-27      │ Game Type : Strategy                               │
│ Size: 1 DVD           │ Protection: Ubisoft DRM + Custom Server-Side Stuff │

Game Notes
The  Settlers  7: Paths to a Kingdom ties in with the tradition of the series
success while bringing a fresh, modern and innovative strategy game, based on
strong  game  mechanics  and  deep  gameplay that are hallmarks of the highly
acclaimed  Settlers  franchise.  Players  will  easily  become  engaged in an
exciting  campaign,  skirmish  maps  or multi-player challenges in a world of
lush  forests,  open  meadows,  fast  flowing  rivers,  and  high  mountains.

Install Notes
1. Extract RARs
2. Mount or Burn image
3. Install the game
4. Install the update located in Razor1911Update
5. Copy the whole content of Razor1911Crack to your game folder overwriting
    any existing files.
    Example: X:Program Files (x86)UbisoftThe Settlers 7 - Paths to a Kingdom
6. Make sure to back up and then delete any previous copies of
    "My DocumentsSettlers7Profiles.xml"
7. Start the game (admin rights may be required the first time you run it)!
8. Have Fun!

Minor recurring freezes after every ~10 min. of playing the game are due to a
faulty implementation of the autosave mechanism and are NOT crack-related.

Scene-related rants & stuff:
As  far  as  previous  'cracks'  of  Ubisoft's  new DRM system are concerned:

Both   of   Skidr0w's   releases   show  us they haven't had a look (probably
even  didn't  find)  the  actual  protection  code and everything hints on em
using  parts   of  publicly  collected  'challenge/response'  pairs.  Luckily
Assassin's   Creed  II is probably the only  target  ever where this approach
of  'emulating'  the  server by a  static lookup will  yield  any  measurable
success   (due   to   a   basic   design  flaw in  an otherwise  pretty  neat
idea  of  software  protection).  In  fact, we  considered this  approach  as
generally  too  unreliable  and  'unworthy' of a scene crack,  so  we  didn't
care   about   doing   it.   Instead   we  opted  for going for the arguably  
most     challenging    implementation    of    Ubisoft's   new   DRM   first
(emulating   actual   server-side   game  code).  So  here  it  is: The first
Ubisoft DRM crack!

Congrats  on  your  recent advances in automating your Solidshield VM cracks.
We  actually  respect  that. However, we wonder why you didn't go all the way
and  recompiled  the  fixed decompiler output to optimized native x86 code as
we   did   as   early   as   with  Perry  Rhodan  (followed  by  Anno  1404).

Although  we  think there's not much merit to discussing technical details in
.nfos  (mostly  because  it's  impossible  for  anyone lacking the skills and
sources  to  fact-check  these  statements)  we feel the need to preempt all
that  made-up "they-ripped-it-from-some-unprotected-tuvaluan-multi12-binary"
bullshit that's sure to follow:

We  invite  anyone  who is able to and interested enough in this to check the
history  of  scene-released  Solidshield VM cracks taking into account things
like  availability  of  possible  alternate  sources  for  the protected code
fragments  at  the time of release, similarity to compiled code (i.e. 'copy &
paste  cracks'  from  differently  protected  or  unprotected  binaries), the
rebuilt   code's  resemblence  of  the  original  VM  instructions  regarding
sequence  of  mnemonics  etc.pp. We're pretty confident (read '100% certain')
you'll  come  to the conclusion that we were first with respect to rebuilding
actual Solidshield VM code.

Nvm, 'mild respect'! ;)

Finally,   there's  a  chance  of  the  good  ol'  times  coming  back  (when
protections   had  to  be  dealt  with  on  a  per  title  basis  by  skilled
individuals)  and  an  opportunity  of  telling  the sharpies from the fakers
again.   Thanks   Ubi!   (Yup,   we're   actually   serious  about  this  :))

Razor 1911 Greetings                            
To our demo division heroes: Your cracktro rocks (we expected no less ;))!

                        Razor 1911   /__   Since 1985
                                    /  /


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