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Mark's Amiga Project (Better Than Amiga Forever) torrent

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Mark's Amiga Project (Better Than Amiga Forever) torrent description

This archive is zipped up using 7Zip, not sure if winrar can unzip so just incase, here

is the address for it. It's a tiny file and is used widely these days so it's worth

installing, also it's freeware.



Play hundreds of Amiga games fullscreen using Direct 3D Filtering to smooth Graphics.

Load from a virtual Amiga Desktop with just 2 clicks without the need for configuring

or disk swapping, games load from a virtual hardrive meaning no waiting for disks.

This is far better than Amiga Forever, all the great games are here including some

great music demos like the famous Jesus On E's  hardcore mix which has definiately

stood the test of time.


Mark's Amiga Project


WinUAE is the best Amiga emulator available for Windows, however, it isn't exactly

user friendly as it requires mounting disks all the time which means bringing up

the menu all the time and browsing for disk 2 etc. Also having to change so many

settings for different games just to load them. I decided to do something about

this and in October of last year i started this project. First i had to learn how

to create a virtual hard disk and install workbench to it. Then i had to download

and install LHA.run and an Installer followed by Picasso96 which is the amiga equivlent

of a graphics card driver software. Then i installed an amiga program called Mui, which

was needed for the New Icons software. I had to install all this before i could install

the most important piece of software which was the desktop replacement called "Scallos".

This was a powerful alternative to the original amiga dektop, better in every way.

Lastly, i had to install WHDload software which made it possible to install Games & Demos

to a virtual drive. Each game and demo required it's own Installer created by the company

that created the installing software. After many hours, weeks, months... I finally

acheived my goal and now here it is. Once this is set up, all you need do is double

click a config in the WinUAE menu to load the amiga desktop. From here you can load

any of the hundreds of amiga games straight from the desktop without the pain of

individually changing the settings for every game you want to play, also there's no

disk swapping, you can also reset your virtual amiga at any point to get back to the

desktop by holding "CTRL" and pressing both "Windows Logo" keys down.

Installed to Virtual Hardrive




I won't list the "Standard" amiga games as there's so many installed, so i'll just

list AGA, CD and Demos.

I have just recently updated the RTG Library enabling me to put some higher

demanding games like "Amiga Doom" and "Gloom", ive also put the "060" version

of "Breathless" and "Alien Breed 3D I&II".



Alienbreed 2

Alienbreed Tower Assault

All New World Lemmings

Arcade Pool

Arcade Snooker



Body Blows Galactic


Brian The Lion

Bubble & Squeak


Chaos Engine

Charlie J Cool




Deluxe Galaga

Deluxe Pacman

D Generation


Donk The Samurai Duck


Gunship 2000


High Seas Trader

Impossible Mission 2025

James Pond 2

James Pond 3

Jurassic Park

Leaping Lap


Lords Of The Realm



Naughty Ones

Nigel Mansell



PGA European Tour

Out To Lunch

Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Illusions

Pinball Prelude

Rise Of The Robots



Simon The Sorcerer

Skeleton Krew



Speris Legacy

Star Trek Anniversary

Subwar 2050

Super Stardust

theme Park


Tower Of Souls


Watch Tower

Worms DC


Zombie Apocolypse


Zool 2



Arcade Pool


Beneath A Steel Sky

Brutal Football


Bubble & Squeak


Cannon Fodder

Castles 2

Chaos Engine

Chuck Rock 2


Disposable Hero

Fire & Ice

Fly Harder

Fury Of The Furries

James Pond 2

James Pond 3

Kid Chaos

Mean Arenas

Nigel Mansell

Out to Lunch

Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Illusions



Speedball 2


Super Methane Bros

Super Skidmarks


Worms DC




3D Demo

3D Demo 2

9 Finger

Alpha And Omega


A Paradise




Big Sensuality

Book Of Songs




Demon Down

Desert Dream

Digi Concert 3

Digi Concert 5





Flower Power

Follow Me






Jesus On E's

Legalize It

Legalize It 2

Love & Anarchy


No Limit

Overdrive 2

Hope you enjoy.

The Pagemaster.
Mark's Amiga Project (Better Than Amiga Forever) torrent internal files
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